Sobre Pali
Made in Italy

Made in Italy


This collection, entirely made in Italy, pays tribute to some great Italian artists. The "Made in Italy" collection is made from sustainable sources and non-toxic finishes.

CodeProductW x D x H (inches)
21105Cuna Donatello55.25 x 30.25 x 37.5
21103Cuna Bernini55.25 x 31 x 36.5
21104Cuna Botticelli55.5 x 31 x 36.5
20503Cómoda Caravaggio45.25 x 20 x 33.25
25000Cambiador de pañales (hecho en Italia)45 x 20 x 2.5
20515Riel para cama de niño (hecho en Italia)54 x 1 x 14
Cuna DonatelloCuna Donatello
55.25 x 30.25 x 37.5 in
Cuna BerniniCuna Bernini
55.25 x 31 x 36.5 in
Cuna BotticelliCuna Botticelli
55.5 x 31 x 36.5 in
Cómoda CaravaggioCómoda Caravaggio
45.25 x 20 x 33.25 in
Cambiador de pañales (hecho en Italia)Cambiador de pañales (hecho en Italia)
45 x 20 x 2.5 in
Riel para cama de niño (hecho en Italia)Riel para cama de niño (hecho en Italia)
54 x 1 x 14 in