Furniture Care

Our beautiful crafted children’s furniture is the result of four generations of craftsmanship and tradition. Each piece is created with as much attention and devotion as it was in our first workshop at our family home in 1919. Pali furniture are made with many wood pieces each piece has its own natural colour and special grain that can cause light variations in the colour of the finished product, given to each piece a character of its own and contribute to the quality of the furniture .

General notice: Please be advised that, in order to make our furniture as safe as possible for your baby, the finishes that we use are more delicate than those used for the adult furniture.
The following care and maintenance recommendations will help to protect your Pali furniture.

Make sure that all of your furniture is level so that doors and drawers open and close properly.

If your furniture requires assembly, read ALL instructions carefully before assembly. Make sure to save the instructions with your receipt, DON’T remove the labels from the furniture. It is helpful to record the model number, PO number and production date on the assembly instructions if you ever need to contact our Customer Service.

General damage prevention: