How to convert a crib into a toddler bed
To convert a crib into a toddler bed you must loosen the two front gold bolts left and right side of the crib and remove the dropside (the front gate that goes up and down). After removing the dropside be very careful that you tighten back your two gold bolts.

How to install the streight rail (toddler rail)
To install a streight (toddler) rail loosen the two front gold bolts left and right side of the crib and remove the dropside, once you have removed the dropside replace with the streight rail. Always be very careful and make sure you tighten back your two gold bolts in the front.

How to line up a crib headboard with my metal frame
The crib headboard should line up with the holes, however there are times when they do not. If the holes do not line up please just re-drill new holes.

How long is Pali’s warranty?
The Pali warranty is one full year. Pali products are covered by a Limited Warranty against defective material or workmanship. This one year limited warranty is effective from the purchase date and is only applicable to the original purchaser; it is non-transferable. The Pali limited warranty covers only damage that is a direct result of Pali’s manufacturing process or defective materials. Please take care to treat your Pali furniture like the high quality furniture that it is. We will not cover any damage caused by negligence, misuse, incorrect installation, improper storage or improper maintenance. The warranty will not apply if modifications or repairs are done by the purchaser or a third party without Pali’s prior approval or if upon discovery of a defect the purchaser fails to take prompt and reasonable steps to prevent the defect from becoming more serious. When out of warranty, please contact our customer service department: customerservice@pali-design.com . Wood characteristics are not covered by the Pali Limited Warranty. Each species or wood used by Pali is unique and therefore, variations of color and grain can occur from piece to piece. These characteristics are common are naturally occurring in the wood and are in no way considered to be manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover such variations, or variations between floor samples or printed illustrations and your furniture.

Where to find my crib information (name, code, color, production date)
The crib information can be found on the sticker that is situated on the interior of one of the ends of your crib.

What is a Standard Crib?
A standard crib is any Pali crib that has a dropside (side that goes up and down) and stationary side (side that does not move) that are the same height. A standard crib can also convert into a toddler bed.

What is a Forever Crib?
A Forever crib is any Pali crib that converts into a complete double bed, this means both headboard and footboard. However, a Forever crib requires a universal rail kit to convert into the complete double bed. Our Forever cribs are: Rosalia, Carmen, Angelina and Caterina.

What is a Transfo Crib?
A Transfo (transformable) crib is any Pali crib that has a dropside (side that goes up and down) and a parallel back piece which is higher and bigger. A Transfo crib converts only into a double headboard and also a toddler bed, In order to use your double headboard you must purchase an adjustable metal frame, a box spring and a mattress. Our Transfo cribs are: Lily, Juliana and Jennifer.

What is a Streight (Toddler) Rail?
A streight (toddler) rail is the rail used to convert any standard or transfo crib into a toddler bed. A streight rail can also be used on certain crib models that do convert into complete double beds, such as the Carrigan, the West Point and the Wendy series.

What are the Universal Rails?
Universal rails are the rails used to convert a crib into a complete double bed. Universal rails can be used with all forever cribs, the Carrigan, the West Point and the Wendy series.

How to adjust the wood mattress support to lower the mattress
To adjust the height of your mattress you must simply remove the four short bolts attached to your plastic mattress supports and re-enter at the lowest level. Please always remember to keep all parts of your crib hardware that you will not be presently using, making sure that you can always re-use your crib in the future. When your crib is at the bottom level you will not require your plastic mattress supports. However, remember to keep them for further usage.

How to order service parts
Click here to order parts.

Can I buy directly from Pali?
Pali products are only available through authorized furniture retailers. To inquire about availability and prices, please find a retailer near you in our "Where to Buy" section.

Second Hand Pali Cribs
Before purchasing and using a second hand crib, please make sure that the product is in good condition (no split or warped pieces, peeling paint, etc.). Also, for safety reasons please make sure you use only the hardware specific to the Pali crib in question.