About Pali

Four generations of our family have been making furniture: 100 years ago our workshop made everything by hand. It now features the most modern technology. The same priceless experience we have obtained over the years by producing chairs we now apply to making cribs and dressers. Pali has become a leader in the industry, noted for our ability to be innovative and our attention to detail.

Beech lumber reception at our first factory (Early 1930s)

Our originality and positive and dynamic vision towards the future are family characteristics that are derived from our will, commitment, willingness to learn and improve, and to care. Although everything has changed in production methods, styles and tastes, one thing still remains: the desire for a well-made product. Our beautiful Italian crafted children’s furniture is the result of four generations of hard work and tradition. Each piece is created with as much attention and devotion as it was in our first workshop at our family home in 1919. Pali understands what children need to feel safe and comfortable, and what parents need to have peace of mind.

Where we are from
Pali has been manufacturing furniture in the Friuli region (North-Eastern Italy) since 1919. With over 100 years in the same field, we have acquired a great deal of experience, knowledge and know how.

The finest craftsmen in Italy (Early 1940s)

Over the years we have expanded our operations to North America and widened our product portfolio with Asian productions. Our growing selection of styles and finishes means we can satisfy a large range of tastes and budgets.

Pali understands how hard people have to work for their money, so when it comes time to invest in furniture Pali has manufactured an excellent product. When purchasing Pali furniture, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you have made a lifetime investment for your child.

Pali’s ability to offer furniture of outstanding quality at competitive prices while providing excellent service means that we consistently meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

We are now in our 11th decade and look forward to building long term relationships with our customers for many more years to come.

Pali craftsmen proudly showing their accomplishments (Early 1930s)

Pali cribs and furniture: lovingly made by our family for yours.